• Party Bags

    Why not take the stress out of preparing your party favours. Endless hours in the shops deciding what to buy and if you get an unexpected late RSVP on the day!! Fabulous Entertainments present our fun and colourful Fabulous Party Bags. Presented in a colourful party bag which are filled with toys, stickers, sweeties and much more we have many options to choose from. 

    • Standard Party Bag - Includes 5 items suitable for both boys and girls.  £2 per bag
    • Deluxe Party Bag - Includes 8 items suitable for both boys and girls.  £3 per bag
    • Themed Party Bag - Includes 8 items to a theme for your choice i.e. Pirates, Princess, Frozen, Cars. Just ask and we will do our very best to make this happen.  £3.50 per bag

    Want a personal touch? For only £5 extra inclusive each party guests' name will feature on the party bag plus a special thank you sticker featuring the birthday child. Each bag will also be tailored to boys and girls respectively. 

  • Sweetie Cones

    In addition to our Fabulous Party Bags we also have our Fabulous Sweet Cones to say an even bigger thank you to your guests. Everything is prepared off-site saving you stress and time! Packed with all your favourite sweets and surprises which are sure to go down a treat! We have a few options to choose from.

    • Small Sweet Cones - Filled with lots of your favourite sweeties.  £1.50 per cone
    • Large Sweet Cones - Filled with lots of your favourite sweeties plus a surprise!  £2 per cone
    • Themed Sweet Cones - To any theme of your choice i.e pink for Princess, blues for Frozen these delicious sweet cones are packed full of sweeties and surprises!  £2.50 per cone

    As with our Fabulous Party Bags you can add a personal touch to our sweet cones featuring a theme of your choice plus a special thank you sticker from the birthday child. The cost for this service is only an extra £5 inclusive.

  • Celebration Cakes

    Why not make the special day even more special with one of our delicious home-made cakes. No added preservatives or additives. Just Fabulous delicious yummyness!

    Choose from these delicious flavours:

    • Vanilla and Raspberry
    • Chocolate and Vanilla
    • Chocolate and Caramel
    • Lemon 
    • Coconut and Lime

    For cakes with more than 1 tier then please feel free to mix and match! 

    Choose your design:

    • Single tier starting from £35
    • Double tier starting from £45
    • Specialised sculpted cakes starting from £55

    All cakes are presented on a cake stand or suitable presentation board depending on the cake design. (Please note all cake stands must be returned at the end of the party.)

    If you have specific dietary requirements please state this on your enquiry and we can tailor the cake accordingly.

  • Cupcakes

    Try our yummy scrummy Fabulous Cupcakes. These can be tailored to any theme or design you require. Our imaginative baker will do a Fabulous job in taste and presentation!

    Choose your flavour of sponge:

    • Vanilla 
    • Chocolate
    • Lemon
    • Or request any favour

    Choose your flavour of frosting:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Lemon
    • Strawberry
    • Or request any flavour

    Choose your design:

    • Sponge cupcake with colourful frosting from £1.25 per cupcake
    • Sponge cupcake with tailored theme and design frosting from £1.50 per cupcake
    • Fondant cupcake with design starting from £1.50 per cupcake

    All cakes are presented on cupcake stands or suitable presentation boards depending on the theme or design. (Please note all cake stands must be returned at the end of the party.)

    If you have specific dietary requirements please state this on your enquiry and we can tailor the cupcakes accordingly. 

  • Sweet Trees

    Want some most talk about party comments from your guests? Order some of our delicious Sweet Trees to decorate your tables. We have plenty of options to choose from or just put in a special request! Some of our most popular options are:

    • Marshmallow 
    • Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow 
    • Haribo
    • Flying Saucer
    • Mixed Sweets
    • Chocolate Galore!
    • Lolly Pop

    Prices are:

    • Small Sweet Tree - from £10 per tree
    • Large Sweet Tree - from £15 per tree

    All our sweet trees can be made to many dietary requirements including vegetarian, halal, Gluten free or dairy free. Our  tree sweets/chocolates plus colours can all be changed to suit your needs or simply choose your favourites!

    Want a healthier alternative? Try one of our delicious fruit trees! With a variety of healthy fruit that surey won't go a miss!

    • Small Fruit Tree - from £10 per tree
    • Large Fruit Tree - from £15 per tree

    Challenge us to create a tree! We love coming up with new and exciting ideas so please out your request in!

    Please note all tree equipment must be returned at the end of the party. 

  • Cake Pops

    Want more table decorations to really give that WOW factor? We have the perfect solution with our fun and colourful Cake Pops! Choose from any colour, mix and match or complete rainbow colours. Just request your quantity.

    Flavours include:

    • Vanilla
    • Chocolate
    • Lemon

    Choose from:

    • Colourful Decorated Cake Pops - from £1 per cake pop
    • Tailored Theme Decorated Cake Pops - from £1.25 per cake pop
    • Cupcake Pops - from £1.25 per cake pop

    All Cake Pops are presented ready to serve to your guestsAll cake stands must be returned at the end of the party.

    If you have specific dietary requirements please state this on your enquiry and we can tailor the cake pops accordingly.

  • Candy Cart

    Wow all your guests with our delicious candy cart. We can tailor the cart to any event from birthday parties, for both boys and girls, to Halloween events and weddings! With many options to choose from we have something suitable for everyone. The cart can be decorated in any colour(s) so please just ask.


    Sweet options are also available to suit all dietary needs upon request. We can cater for vegetarians, halal plus many more. Unfortunately due to our suppliers working with all kinds of foods we cannot guarantee that all our sweets will be nut free. We do try our best to deliver as many delicious options as possible. Please contact us to request a price list.